Partners and Volunteers


Dedicated volunteers are an essential part of the IMPACT CARE Team. These committed citizens have been visiting MNJ to donate their precious time and money to improve the quality of life of sick children. Over the past three years, the team has visited the ward innumberable times and helped in several ways. Some of their contributions include:

Even more important than their donations is their heartfelt belief that we can make a real difference in the lives of these children. They have passionately spread the word about the program to and helped to steadily increase the number of volunteers. The children eagerly look forward to their visits and MNJ Cancer Hospital is truly blessed to have their support and commitment.


Ramdev Rao Hospitals
Providing support for emergency, ICU and specialist referral care
Lucid Medical Diagnostics
Providing Laboratory, Pathology and Radiology Services
Kaizen Oncology Network
Providing Oncology Consultants - Medical, Surgical and Radiation
Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society
Providing Palliative and Home Care services for children with cancer