Our Model

IMPACT was formed in 2008 as a non-governmental organization to improve access to quality cancer care and treatment for children with cancer. Our holistic, multi-faceted approach to treatment is based on the reality that a child requires an entire ecosystem of care in order to properly receive and benefit from cancer treatment. For example, almost 50% of children abandon care in the middle of their treatment due to factors external to the actual medical care provided. This is most often due to the lack of family support and insufficient funds. Our comprehensive care model addresses all these factors and strives to provide optimal care with the highest cure rates.

The heart of our treatment system is the CARE Team, a skilled group of doctors, nurses, counselors and volunteers. This dedicated team provides day-to-day, hands-on care and support to children and their families. In addition to our CARE Team, we are also committed to providing important support services including accommodations, nutritous food, palliative care, transport, medicines, blood products and lab facilities. Learn more about each of these interlocking components here.

Our integrated model of care works with government hospitals to enable them to provide high quality, effective treatment to any child with cancer. Since 2008 we have based our operations at MNJ Institute of Oncology, a regional cancer center based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. In the last four years we have been able to establish a 40-bed child cancer ward and increase the overall childhood cancer cure rate to 40%. By working closely with an established state hospital, we hope to create a replicable model of care that can be reproduced in government hospitals across India.

  2007 2008 2012
Beds 0 13 40
Trained Nurses 0 9 12
Counselors 0 2 4
Abandonment -- 40% 15%
Cure Rate 2% 20% 40%