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December 17th 2014

Dell International Blood Donation Camp.

December 12th 2014
Jabbar Birthday celebrations by his parents with pediatric ward staff.
December 11th 2014
Kamala as a Volunteer celebrated the birthday of patient Balu.
December 4th 2014
Mr. S. G. Vanamali donated an amount of Rs. 4,500/- for pediatric ward.
December 3rd 2014
B. Mahesh Kumar donated Marie Gold Biscuits packets – 120 pieces.
December 1st 2014
NTT Data Blood Donation Camp at I-Labs.
December 1st 2014
NTT Data Blood Donation Camp at Cyber Towers.
December 1st 2014
NTT Data Blood Donation Camp at Cyber Pearl.
December 1st 2014
Mrs. Padmini donated blankets -25 pieces and fruits for kids.
November 29th 2014
D. Manisha donated Rs. 1000/-.
November 27th 2014
S. Narasimhulu donated blankets - 120 pieces.
November 27th 2014
ST.Andrews School, Bowenpally Donated: Biscuits-5 packets, Soaps & Tooth Paste-3 boxes, Rice-11, Daal-6, Sugar-9, Saris Dresses-1 & Shirts pants-1.
November 26th 2014
Krishna & Family donated round steel stools - 20.
November 20th 2014
Mrs. Sesi and Mrs. T.Sarada visited the ward and donated digital thermometer, IV Cannulo, Tab. Dolo 650, Hand sanitizer, Erazers, Sharpner, pencils, drawing charts, Carrons, Game sets, and Biscuits.
November 16th 2014
Mrs. Sangeeta Goenka and family visited the Pediatric ward distributed Fruit juices and Biscuits.
November 15th 2014
HCL GROUP visited the pediatric ward and entertains the children’s by playing the Drawing competition, Musical Chairs, Dancing program me etc.
November 14th 2014
CHILDREN’S DAY celebrated at Pediatric ward along with Youth for seva, who conducted drawing competition for kids, Medical representatives distributed water bottles for kids, College students from College of Science, Saifabad distributed chocolates, fruits and biscuits.
November 11th 2014
Member from Red Cross, Hyderabad visited the Pediatric ward distributed chocolates, pens, biscuits, old cloths. Mr. Indira Rajan and Mr. Subhadra donated Rs. 2000 to Impact.
November 07th 2014
Mr.Rajeshekar and friends donated Boost, Horlicks, Bonvita,Pediasure and complain.
October 24th 2014
In memory of Mr. G. Satyanaryana G. Lakshmi donated Rs.20200 to the Impact.
October 22nd 2014

Diwali celebration was done in MNJ for Pediatric Kids. Lights were lite at Pediatric Ward, distributed sweets and breaking Crackers.

October 21st 2014
Nivedita team donated Pediasure and complains.
October 21th 2014

Megha Dinesh donated Books, Pens, Drawing Books & Crayons.

October 21st 2014

Chirec International School, Kondapur donated Almarah, Sweets, Plastic Flowers, Ballons, Plastic Stools, Mats & Wheel Chairs.

October 19th 2014
Vijaya and her friends donated T-Shirts, Drawing Books,Crayons, Crackers, Napkins,Smiley balls & Dettol Soaps.
October 19th 2014

Max Foundation donated Drawing books, Crayons, colour Pencils, Caps, Paper Spectakles & Chocklates.

October 18th 2014
Nivedita team donated Pediasure in Badam and pista, horlicks in chocolate flavor and complains.
October 18th 2014
Isheeta Rajpal, Ashitha & Family visited the ward and spend their time with the children’s.
October 17th 2014

Inner Wheel Club of Secundrabad donated Crayons, Drawing Books, dettol hand Wash & Pressure Regulator.

October16th 2014
In Memory of A. Yashwanth Ramana Late his parents distributed Apples, Oranges & Tiffin Boxes.
October 16th 2014
Rotaract Club of Sunrise Distributed Cooked Veg Rice with Curd & Brinjal Curry.
October 13th 2014
Leo Club of Yuva visited the ward and distributed the food items.
October 12th 2014

Srinidhi Engineering College students Donated the Remote cars, Gifts & Drawing books.

October 9th 2014
Sudha Bappa & friends visited the ward and distributed the Frootis, Biscuits & Dettol Hand Wash.
October 5th 2014
Chandu Babu Celebrated his Birthday with the Kids.
September 30th 2014

Dassera Celebrated by HCL & IMPACT by Entertaining the children with dandia dance, Batukamma dance along with the staff and team and also joined us by Roatract club and Nivedita team.

September 29th 2014
Leo Club of Yuva Visited the ward and spend with children’s by playing games.
September 29th 2014
Dell International Visited the ward and spends with children’s by playing games.
September 13th 2014
Tarannum Ara celebrated her birthday with Children’s by distributing Cake, Fruity, Fruits, Biscuits and Ice Cream.
September 3rd 2014
KSK Ujwala visited the ward and donated Lidocaine & Prilocaine Cream USP.
August 21st 2014
Hyderabad Ladies Circle - 43 visited the ward and distributed drawing books and Frootis.
August 15th 2014

15th August Celebrated by Lakshitha, NGO - Quiz competition & Dancing Program and distributed Biscuits & Frootis.

August 13th 2014
Waves Team visited the ward Donated the Sanitation items and Distributed Chips, Frootis, Chocolates.
August 10th 2014

Rakhi festival celebrated by staff with the children’s by distributing the sweets.

August 5th 2014
TV Anchors visited the ward and spend their time with children’s.
July 17th 2014
Magic Show – Entertain the children’s.
June 11th 2014
Tata Tiscon Samarat Group of Companies donated Rs. 1, 00,000/- to the Pediatric Ward, Impact welcomes them on Dias, Dr.Sudha Sinha gave 2 minutes speech about IMPACT, and we entertained them with dance and songs by our pediatric ward children and ended the program with tea and snacks.
May 15th 2014
KSK Ujwala visited the ward and donated IV Canulas, Dispose Syringes, Biscuits & Clothes.
May 12th 2014
HCL CSR visited the ward and entertains the children’s by playing them Musical Chairs, Dancing programme etc.
May 7th 2014
Hands Together To Help visited the ward and entertains the children’s by playing them games like Musical Chairs, Singing, Dancing Programme & Distributed the Playing games like Video game, Teddy Bear, Drawing & Stories Books.
April 25th 2014
Virtusa, Ashitha & Family visited the ward and spend their time with the children’s.
April 21st 2014
Birthday Celebrations of Avan & Shiva Raj by Staff.


December 14th 2013
Dr. Reddys Lab conducted painting competition distributed drawing books and color pencils.
December 8th 2013
St. Andrews children visited our ward and donated 4 rice bags, 1 dal bag, Biscuits, soaps, brushes and paste to our kids.
December 4th 2013
NTT Data conducted activites and provided lunch to all the kids and staff.
December 2nd 2013
Akshaya and Ankitha conducted painting competition to kids and distributed goodies.
November 23rd & 24th 2013
Lakshita and group donated items worth Rs. 10,000/- i.e. sterillium, dynaplasto, dettol etc. and also their team members donated bed sheets to all the patients.
November 23rd 2013
Donor Madhavi and his family distributed cakes cookies and juice to our children.
November 23rd 2013
Inner Wheel donated phenyl, soaps, biscuits and  40 blankets.
November 22nd 2013

Visit to St. Jude's India Child Care Centre at Kharghar, Mumbai

St. Jude’s is maintaining a centre at Kharghar for the children suffering from cancer. We visited there as a motivating program for us to develop our IMPACT program.

The program was held from 6.00AM to 10.00PM. We started the day with the parent’s involvement in cooking, cleaning their rooms, wash rooms, washing their daily clothes etc. this ended at 8.30AM. And those who are going for the chemo therapy will leave the centre by bus arranged by St. Jude’s. The remaining parents will be involved by doing the craft work like basket making etc. For children, they are busy with computer games, drawings and yoga etc. Between 2.00 PM to 4.00PM are sleeping hours for both parents and patients (Mandatory). From 4.00PM to 6.00PM they have to prepare juices and dinner for children. From 6.00PM to 8.00PM centre manager, floor manager, parents and activity teachers interact with each other on the day’s program at every floor. The Bus will reach at the centre by 7.30PM.

Parents are involved to do all the works, Like father has to do the security job, gardening, floor cleaning, outside gallery cleaning, every week they have to clean windows, fans, changing the curtains and bed sheets. Parents are trained by Mrs. Tyaba before joining the St. Jude’s at Kharghar.

Before joining the St. Jude’s the families will be filtered according to their protocol at Parel Centre, those qualified families will be sent to St. Jude’s Kharghar. This process may take 10 to 15 days.

Mrs. Tyaba also train’s the staff to follow certain rules and regulations of St. Jude’s. We are happy to say that she has come forward to give us training for a period of one week to get into St. Jude’s protocol provided management accepts and send us for training program.

November 21st 2013
C. Indira Devi C/o. Prasanth Mohan donated wheel chair, bed sheets, cookies and juices in the ward.
November 19th 2013
Mr. Rajesh Aurora - Chairman, M/s. Shiva Exports Ltd., Canada has donating an amount of Rs. 10,000/- to "IMPACT Pediatric Oncology Ward" to support our efforts to improve access to quality care and treatment for every child with cancer.
November 14th 2013
On the occasion of Children's Day, Chirec School Teachers & Students visited us and donated activity kits to our children. Mrs. Indira Rajan Distributed Sweaters to all the children. Laughing therapy session was held for the children by Mr. O. M. Seth and team. Niveditha team also participated in the program. Please check our Facebook page for photos.
November 3rd 2013
On the occasion of Diwali Festival we had an Exhibition-cum-Sale to raise funds for kids’ nutrition supplements. We were successful to sell Painted Diyas, Greeting Cards, Dolls and Gift Envelopes which were produced by our ward children with the help of Ms. Nivedita and Impact Team. Later, we enjoyed a lot by burning crackers which is the end of the celebrations. Please check our Facebook page for photos.
October 12th 2013
HCL Conducted painting competitions and other activities with the children and also distributed cakes and cookies to all the children.
October 9th 2013

Mr. Anurag Yalamati, Class XII Student from FITJEE has generouly donated Rs. 40,000 towards IMPACT Pediatric Oncology Ward in MNJ Cancer Hospital. He raised the funds by selling his paintings and sculptures. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to helping our cause. Please check below letter to Mr. Anurag and his paintings & sculptures.

Mr. Anurag Yalamati
Class XII Student from FITJEE

Dear Mr. Anurag,

On behalf of IMPACT I would like to thank you for your generous gift of Rs. 40,000 towards IMPACT Paediatric Oncology Ward in MNJ Cancer Hospital.

Your enthusiasm and ability to motivate other students in painting and sculpture to raise funds for this noble cause is highly commendable.

We sincerely appreciate your commitment to helping our cause.

Each year IMPACT continues to advance its mission of improving access to quality care and treatment for every child in India with cancer .Through our programs we have saved many children and increased the cure rate of childhood cancers and decreased the treatment abandonment rate.

In particular the IMPACT program has achieved great success in the past year by bringing down the treatment abandonment rate to 1% from 40% in 2008.

The goal of IMPACT is to ensure that every needy child with cancer receives optimal treatment to live a dignified life free of suffering. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to increase the overall cure rate of childhood cancers and decrease the treatment abandonment rate by providing quality infrastructures and holistic support to children and their families.

Thanks again for your generous support of our efforts to improve access to quality care and treatment for every child with cancer.

Best wishes,
Manjula Mahadevan,
IMPACT - Caring for children with cancer

August 15th 2013
Independence Day Celebration by IMPACT, Lakshita and Rotract Club
July 13th 2013
One of the NGO guests who visited from Uganda, Kenya and Netherlands interacted with the children and are happy with our activities.
July 6th 2013
AITIA Group visited and entertained children with dance, paintings, and distributed maaza, biscuits and chocolates.
June 30th 2013
MEIL MD's son-in-law celebrated his birthday with the kids and distributed cake cookies, delicious non-veg and veg food, color books, sweet packets and dresses for kids and also donated Rs. 500/- to each patient, nursing and house keeping staff.
June 27th 2013
NATCO volunteers teached handicrafts to the children like creating rose flowers using color papers.
June 15th 2013
BIOCON conducted drawing competition and distributed kinder joy chocolates to all the children.
June 1st 2013
Will Foundation had visited and distributed fruits, cakes and cookies to the children. Also, entertained the children full day with dance, singing and painting.
May 9th and 23th 
NATCO volunteers visited twice and teached handicraft works to the children.
May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 2013 
Every Saturday Ms. Sangeetha's group are entertaining children with songs and skit by playing gitar.
May 23rd 2013
Ms. Maheshwari visit to the ward - Youth for Seva, spend their time with children and distributed maaza.
May 21st 2013
Patient B Jhansi's birthday was celebrated by IMPACT. Distributed cakes & cookies to all the ward children.
May 19th 2013
Lion's Club International team donated four fridges to IMPACT.
May 18th 2013
Sharatha Bhagatha Mandali had visited and celebrated one of their family member's birthday. Also, distibuted cakes and cookies.
May 12th  2013
Mrs. Subramaniyam visited and spent time with the children by doing activities like teaching rhymes and singing songs. Also, distributed chocolates to all the children.
May  10th 2013
Patient Krishna & Jhanavi's birthday was celebrated by IMPACT. Distributed cakes & chips to all the ward children.
May  10th 2013
IMPACT@5 Program was organized and celebrated at Green Park Hotel. Most of the donors & volunteers attended the event, along with survivor children and their parents. Drum Berries show was enjoyed by everyone. Fun activities participated by the children and then followed by dinner.
May 8th 2013
Visited by Inner Wheel team and donated snacks, sarees and medical needs.
May 7th 2013
Patient Parvin's birthday was celebrated by IMPACT. Distributed cakes, chocolates & chips to all the ward children. Also, gifted one dress for each children.
May 5th 2013
Jaspeeth Singh's birthday was celebrated by his parents. Dance program held by children. Also, Ms. Sangettha and her team entertained the children with dancing and singing.
April 27th 2013
Birthday celebration of Baby Lakshmi Prasanna D/o of Vishnu Vardhan, Caterer from MEIL. Distributed cakes, kara, sweets and soft drinks with special lunch. Also, donated 100 plastic plates and bottles to all the children.
April 24th 2013
MEIL Inaugurated the Dining Hall for the Pediatric Ward and distributed drawing books and crayons to the children.
April 18th 2013
IMPACT has constructed new extension for pediatric ward with 30 Beds. It was inaugurated by MP of Dilsukh Nagar, MNJ Director and Babu Rao of New Niloufer Café, IMPACT TRUSTEES had distributed gifts to the children.
April 18th 2013
Ms. Pooja and her friends had visited and distributed biscuits, chocolates and juice packets to the children. Also, donated Rs. 15,000/- for dynaplasto and sterilium for ward children.
April 15th 2013
Patient Srivalli's birthday was celebrated by IMPACT. Distributed cakes, chips & chocolates to all the ward children.
April 9th 2013
Dell team had visited and spent their time with the children; distributed chocolates, juice packets and also donated 70 bedsheets.
February 27th 2013
Patient Simon Raju's Birthday Celebrated.
February 4th to 20th 2013
Mrs. Zahra from Canada visited MNJ, she distributed bed sheets, sarees, 300$ of candidan color books and crayons and gifts to staff members and certificates to our Nurses.
January 28th 2013
Mr. P. S. N. Murthy From LAKSHITHA donated the Phenyl.
January 22nd 2013
Inner wheel and team donated 2 Medicine Trolleys.
January 20th 2013
Visited by Swamiji and their team. Also Mr. Sivarama Prasad Memorial, Kalamandir Foundation, B. Priyanka, S. Vani, V. Satyanarayana & S. Jayam donated amount to IMPACT.
January 12th 2013
Mr. P. S. N. Murthy From LAKSHITHA donated the Phenyl, Handwash Solution, Prilox Cream, Gynoplasty, etc. to the pediatric ward.
January 3rd 2013
Indian Red Cross Society team visited the ward and distributed Cookies, Chocolates, and Drawing Books to the children in the ward.
January 3rd 2013
Visited by Geeta Madam and distributed Snacks & Soft Drinks to the children in the ward.
January 1st 2013
Visited by Yuvatha team, celebrated new year with children in the ward, decorated the ward with balloons, Also distributed cake and cookies.


December 28th 2012
Make a Wish Foundation fulfilled the Wish of Harsha Vardhan and Jangiah.
December 22nd 2012
Visited by Mrs. Eashwari From St. Andrew School with her Daughter and friends. They celebrated Christmas, Brought Cake, Story Books, Gifts & Bed Sheets for the children.
December 22nd 2012
Visited by Mr. P. S. N. Murthy and arranged Lunch, Chips and Juice for Children. Also distributed gifts and chocolates.
December 20th 2012
Aaditi from Aarohi, Indira, Sujatha, Florence, Bharagavi and Latha all are from KSK Engergy Venture, Sub Group of KSK Ujwala - Ladies Team Donated Prilox Cream, Syringes, IV Canuals, Wheel Chair etc.
December 20th 2012

Actress Kajal visited IMPACT children. The actor distributed Christmas gifts and shared cheerful conversations with the children in cancer ward. Please check the links below for news coverage by The Hindu & Times of India. Also watch the video from YouTube.

December 4th 2012
Visited by St. Andrews school children and teachers, they donated Rice, Dal, Sugar, Phenyl, Soaps, Paste and Brushes.
November 17th 2012
Conducted the painting competition by Kiran Babu and team of Biocon, they distributed color books and crayons to all participants and also 3 prizes to the winners of 1st  2nd and 3rd.
November 14th 2012
Children’s Day celebrated by IMPACT, dance program by Akash Paul and Fancy dress Competition, distributed gifts, snacks and soft drinks to all kids.
November 12th & 13th 2012
Diwali celebrated by Jyothi MNJ Staff, distributed sweets, kara and drawing books. Niveditha and other volunteers brought crackers and diyas. Children painted the diyas and in the night kids burnt the crackers and enjoyed a lot.
October 23th 2012
Dusheera celebrated by Geeta Madam and other volunteers distributed sweets, kara, ice creams, and fruits to ward children, parents and staff members.
October 10th 2012
Make a wish foundation gifted the toys to some of the new patients.
October 1st 2012
Pt. Balaji's Birthday celebrated by Impact staff and Roatract Club.
September 27th 2012
Drum Berries
September 16th 2012
Lions Club of Hyderabad (Charminar) - Healing Touch Cancer Service Programme, disturbed snacks and biscuits and also provided medicines.
September 6th 2012
Make wish foundation distributed gifts to kids
September 4th 2012
Celebrated Dr.Sudha Sinha Birthday by Dr.Sameena, Geeta Mam, Biocon & Impact Staff
September  4th 2012
Conducted Drawing completion by Biocon to children
August 25th 2012
Tata Capital 5th Anniversary Celebrations with Our children with different activities like DJ, Magician, puppet show, Dance group ect
August 15th 2012
Ramakrishna Matt Volunteers disturbed fruits and biscuits to the children
August 15th 2012
Independence day celebrated by Impact, dance program by Children and the Rotract club Volunteers, Niveditha, sameena and also impact team distributed cakes, biscuits and fruits to all the guest and children.
August 11th 2012
Visited by Mr. K.RajGopal Reddy (MP) of Bhuvanagiri, Mr.K.Venkat Reddy (EX-Minister / Present MLA of Nalgonda and Mr.Prabhakar Reddy.
August 10th 2012
Birthday Celebrations of Mrs. Navaneetha our staff nurse celebrated by Impact
August 8th 2012
Make a wish foundation Celebrated Independence day with Rana Daggubati In the PW along with the children and they distributed 21 gifts to various children.
August 5th 2012
Yuvatha and Team celebrated friendship day, distributed the cakes and balloons.
August 4th 2012
Maria Henrikson spends time with kids, distributed drawing materials.
August 4th 2012
Mr. V Rao & A.Bhaskar Reddy  from Indian Revenue Service donated Bed sheets and fruits to the PW Children
August 2nd 2012
Niveditha and frnds celebrated Rakhi festival and distributed the sweets
July 31st 2012
Geetha Mam and the team from Make a wish, distributed toys.
July 28th 2012
Nithya Parents spend time with kids and distributed cakes and cookies
July 28th 2012
Geetha Mam and the team from Make a wish, distributed toys.
July 25th 2012
Birthday Celebrations of Mrs. Gayatri celebrated by Impact.
July 21st 2012
Birthday Celebrations of Pooja nice of Dr.Sanjeeva Kumari of MNJIO&RCC along with the PW Children.
July 21st 2012
Inaugural of Special Nutrition Program for the Pediatric ward children by Mr. & Mrs. Ravi P.Reddy and team Members from MEIL and also our Director MNJIO&RCC Mr. Khannan was our guest for providing the Daily Breakfast Program for Kids.
July 20th 2012
Drum Berries
July 19th 2012
Dental Camp was organized by Dr.Samina c/o Niveditha
July 16th 2012
Shoba & frnds celebrated bday with the children, distrubted cakes, cookies ect.
July 15th 2012
Satyamev Jayate program Organized by Mrs. Agarwal at Taj Banjara, Our 15 pw children participated actively in dance and other activities
July 11th 2012
Volunteers Meeting by Niveditha and friends, they distributed cakes cookies and juice to the children
July 10th 2012
Visit by TBSS Donated Sample Bottles, spinal card needles, dynaplast & IV Canulas
July 3rd 2012

Visit by Mr. Ekambaram from Tata Projects, distributed Bread and Fruits

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June 30th 2012
Visit by Spoorthy Vision care team members, Entertained the children with different games, showed the cartoon movie, celebrated the Pt.Shiva Krishna birthday and distributed the chocolates, biscuits, cakes fruits etc.
June 23rd 2012

Visit by Niveditha, Padma and Mahender friends celebrated their birthday with the children and distributed cake and sweets and classes on energy healing and other activities followed.

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June 23rd 2012
Visit by Sridevi from TBSS, his son Mohan Raj celebrated his birthday and distributed biscuits and sweets
June 22th 2012
Visit by Niveditha, Donated the Philips MP3 Sound System and Entertaining the kids by miming classes by Madhu
June 21st 2012
Visit by Niveditha & Dr. Sameena , giving classes on Energy Healing Therapy
June 20th 2012

Drum Berries

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June 14, 2012
TBSS donates 200 hygiene kits
June 12th 2012
Virginia LeBaron – Full Bright Scholar University of Utah – Drawing books, Pallets, etc.
June 6th 2012

Mrs. Indira and friends – donated Money, toys, Biscuits and Mats etc.

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June 5th 2012
Donation of toys and clothes by Mrs. Komal Aggarwal
May 24th 2012
TBSS donates 300 hand sanitizers
May 20th to 31st 2012
Ms.Nitya Rao, period of 2 weeks, she entertained with games, drawings and end of the last date she distributed the toys and books to children
April 24th 2012
Mrs. Indira and friends – Distributed Chocolates and Biscuits
April 24th 2012
Laughter Yoga
April 17th 2012
Visit by Mounika student from US & Prof. Jaya laxmi – supported to Pt. Nikil, Fatima, and distributed crayons, color pencils, drawing books etc.
April 2nd 2012
Visit by Dr. Lalitha (Physiatrist) - Music & Painting
March 21st 2012
Tata Business Support Service – Prilox  Cream
March 15th 2012
Visit by Rotaract Club at Nizam Club Members
March 14th 2012
Visit by Nizam College Student – Celebrated their birthday with pw children's, distributed chocolates and cakes.
February 28th 2012
Tata Business Support – Digital Thermometers – 100 no's
February 17th 2012
Drum Berries
February 4th 2012
Visit by Cine Artist Dr.Rajashekar and family.
January 26th 2012
Republic day – Impact distributed chocolates & cakes & Cookies
January 16th 2012
Visit by Oracle Team - Movie and Drawing
January 7th 2012
Visit by Dr. Shantha Sinha
January 4th 2012
New year  Celebration by Mahender and team
January 1st 2012
Visit by Osmania Hospital medical students and Staff


December 24th  2011
Face painting, tattoos and activities with children by amronco aid foundation                                                           
December 16th 2011
Visit by Zahara Lalani and distribution of hygiene kits
December 7th 2011
Magic show, distribution of blankets – Mrs. Kitty and MRs. Pooja
November 24th 2011
Drum Berries
November 24th 2011
Red Cross Indira Madam along with Friends, - Water heater, Micro oven
November 14th 2011
Children's day  - Magic Show, Distribution of sweets  Chocolates & Biscuits- Rotary Club – Nizam College
November 11th 2011
Swami ji visit
October 25th 2011
Diwali Celebrations – Magic Show – distributed chocolates, sweets and mixture and also crackers.
October 19th 2011
Max day celebrations distribution
September 29th 2011
Inner wheel members
September 26th 2011
Make a wish – Mrs. Ragini – 40 Hand Sanitarians, 10 Dyno Plasters
September 16th 2011
Drum Berries
September 2011
Rose Day – by Taj Krishna
August  23rd 2011
Visit by Mrs. Samrajyam and Lions Club Jubilee Hills Hyderabad – Distribution of
August 15th 2011
Independence Day Celebrations – Oyster Group
August 9th 2011
Art and Sari Show IMPACT
May 27th 2011
Drum Berries
May 26th 2011

Oyster group 2nd Anniversary Celebrations – Distributed cokes & cookies

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May 26th 2011
Make a wish – Cycle Distribution
April 8th 2011
PT. Ajay Birth Day Celebration - Impact


December 2010

Master Suresh Birthday was celebrated in the ward as he is an Orphan child with the support of Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society and OYSTER Group.

OYSTER group again on the occasion of Diwali on November 5th had distributed crackers and sweet boxes to all the children in the ward suffering from cancer.

Vardhaman College of Engineering students and staff have   visited the children ward and donated few medicines with the support of their H.O.D of CSCE on January 1st 2011

KalkiBhaghavan trust had also visited the Children ward and distributed the sweets and some stuff to the children and also promised 2 children families that they will be sponsoring for the medicines.

OYSTER Group on the occasion of Christmas entertained the children in the ward by singing, dancing, sponsoring Christmas caps and fruits. Magic show is also arranged by them.

Holy Mary convent children also visited the children ward and donated few stuff to eat and also stuff like toothpaste, brush and soap ect related to Hygiene kit.

December 2010
IMPACT Member MsAnitha and all the member of Trustee the society visited the Children ward in MNJ and distributed sweets, chocolates and toys to all the children in the ward.
November 2010
On the occasion of children's day Mr. Richard and team had entertained the children in the pediatric ward by organizing Magic show and they have also distributed fruits, ice creams, toys. On the same day Zydusonco sciences had donated few medicines to the same children.
November 2010
Geetanjali Devashray School children and their principal had visited the pediatric ward in MNJ to donate few toys, dresses and fruits to all the children in the ward. This was done by the student Mr. Hema Chandra, S/o Dr. PriyaKumari.
October 2010
A blood donation camp was conducted by Mallareddy College in collaboration with Thalassemia Blood Bank and IMPACT for children suffering from cancer.
October 2010
World Palliative Care Celebration was done by Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society and IMPACT on October 9th 2010 where famous Telugu film star, Krishunudu, Alias Vinayakudu was the chief guest for the program. He entertained the children by telling few movie dialogues and entertained the children. There also was a cake cutting by him with the help of children. He also visited the ward and distributed few toys to all the children. On the same day OYSTER youth group entertained the children by singing and dancing.
August 2010
Celoon India Pharmacy companies on the occasion of August 15th entertained the children in the ward by organizing some cultural programs.
July 2010
Zee Telugu Television Channel visited the pediatric ward in MNJ to support Mr. Suresh who is suffering from Blood cancer and donated a huge amount of money to support that child.
June 2010
A blood Camp was conducted in MNJ Cancer Institute in collaboration with IMPACT and MNJ Blood bank. Many people came forward to donate blood for the children suffering from cancer in MNJ Children ward.
March 16th 2010
Members from Fernandez Cancer Hospital visited the children ward and donated few bicycles for children to play and provided high protein diets and supplied medicines for 1 month for the children suffering from cancer.
February 27th 2010
Friends from ORKUT visited the IMPACT ward, Employees of HSBC supported the children in the pediatric ward by donating the equipment for the nurses and doctors and also distributed few toys and stuff for the children.
January 27th 2010
Members from Hyderabad Ladies Circle – 43 along with their Brand Amabassador Ms. Laxmi Prasanna visited the IMPACT ward and donated to MNJ hospital money towards the care of 10 children.
January 2010
Ladies circle of IMPACT society visited the ward to see the suffering of the children suffering from cancer and distributed chocalattes to the children in the ward with the help of Dr. T. Mandapal, Director, MNJ Cancer Institute. Ms. PrasannaLaxmi, a famous T. V Star also visited the same program and came forward to support the children.


December 25th 2009
Intelligroup Office entertained the children in the IMPACT ward in MNJ by celebrating Christmas with them we had more Christmas celebrations with students of Roda Mistry College of Social Work and Holy Mary Convent School.
November 14th 2009
Richard and friends celebrated Children's Day with us this year too!
June 2009
Caloon India Company in June donated few stuff to the children in the ward. The society organized a celebration with pediatric palliative care children and entertaining them and interacting of the famous T.V. stars from daily serial "MOGHALIREKULU"like Shri.Indraneel, Smt. Meghana and some more stars from the same serial. Telugu T.V channels like ETV and TV 5 covered the program
February 2009
IMPACT Annual Meeting at Fortune Katriya
January 15th 2009
Sankranthi celebrations – by Amronco, Donation of beds – Swapna's ladies group


November 14th 2008
Children's Day celebrations by Richard and Friends
October 2nd 2008
Opening of the IMPACT Pediatric Ward at MNJ