The story behind our movement

Cancer is a leading cause of death in children and adolescents around the world and approximately 3,00,000 children aged 0 to 19 years old are diagnosed with cancer each year. The biggest challenge for many families is funding the cost of treatment of their child. The Chemotherapy (which forms part of the Intensive treatment cycle) costs in most hospitals could be from 3 to 5L INR. For those kids from poor homes who are not covered by the Govt scheme of free or low-cost treatment, this is an impossible amount to fund.

The main reasons for this are the absence of specialized infrastructure and staff needed to treat children. In addition, the prolonged duration of treatment leads to high treatment abandonment rate where families stop returning for care. The causes of treatment abandonment are complex and include lack of finances, social support and accommodation.

IMPACT has started a 15 Bed, complete treatment and care services at “Shivananda Impact Pediatric Cancer Center” exclusively for children diagnosed with various types of cancers which can be treated with chemotherapy and do not require extensive surgical or radiation treatment protocols.

The facility will aim to achieve cure rates similar to the developed countries. Our goal is to provide an entire ecosystem of care that is needed to cure a child with cancer. Our facility includes Infrastructure, trained staff, medications, blood bank and diagnostic lab support, accommodation, nutrition, and transportation.