The Story of Yadavayya

Yadavayya is an eleven-year old boy from Srikakulam. He has one elder sister and one twin sister. He lost his father when he was eleven months old and his mother looks after the family even as she toils as a daily-wage worker.

Initially, Yadavayya had a fever and a swollen stomach. He wastaken to a hospital where tests revealed that the child had a tumor in the stomach. The medicines provided were ineffective, the hospital refused to treat the child further, and referred him to Vizag Hospital. There again the routine investigations were done but a diagnosis was inconclusive. Next Yadavayya was referred to Nilofer Hospital where the usual battery of tests wererepeated. This time caner was confirmed as cancer and he was finally referred to MNJ.

After the death of Yadavayya’s father, his mother began working as a coolie and struggled hard to bring up all the three children. It was during this time that Yadavayya fell sick and his mother had to take him to different hospitals in their hometown.

Relatives were unable to help them financially or otherwise. Yadavayya’s mother had to borrow money to meet the expenses of the hospital. Sadly, both of her daughters, aged eleven and thirteen, had to stay home and take care of themselves, cook, cleaning and going to school on their own.

Yadavayya’s mother literally lost all hope after learning about her son’s disease and chances of survival. Thankfully she has gained confidence after receiving a lot support from IMPACT, not only from the skilled doctors, nurses and counselors, but also from the financial assistance given for blood products and food. She can also visit her home with her son and see her family because of IMPACT’s help with transportation costs.