The Story of Vignasai

Vignasai a six-year old boy from MedakDistrict, AP studying in the first class. He’s the eldest child in his family and has two younger brothers. His father is privately employed and his mother is a housewife.

Vignasai suffered from a high fever for three months before his parents took him to private hospital in Veldurthi (Medak District) for treatment. They stayed there for ten days but Vignasai’s condition did not improve. He was referred to Nilofer Hospital where stayed for seven days before being sent to MNJ Hospital where he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Vignasai’s families extremely poor. His younger brother is also dealing with medical problems (anus) and has undergone surgery at LOTUS Hospital. The family has travelled to many hospitals and has encountered several problems with receiving proper treatments.They feel very anxious about their two children. Vignasai’s blood cell count is very low and he suffers from fever, constipation and pain. Recently the hospital management shifted him to the ICU. Vignasai’sfamily wasintensely disturbed by their son’s condition.

After five days in the ICU, Vignasai’s blood cell count has increased and he has responded quite well to the treatment. Now his family members look much happier and commend MNJ for the excellent treatment they received in comparison to other hospitals.