The Story of Tarun

Tarun is a thirteen-year old boy who lives in Amberpet. He has one elder brother, two elder sisters and one younger brother. Among them one is mentally retarded.His father works as a coolie, suffers from a mental disorder, and is addicted to alcohol. Sadly, he is not interested in his family. Tarun’s mother works as a household maid in three houses and lives in rented house.Hiselder siblings are both married; they live separately and have taken no interest in looking after the family.

When Tarun’s mother brings him for treatment, there is no one at home to provide financial or moral support. His mother is constantly depending on someone at home or in the hospital for assistance.

Initially Tarun had jaundice and was given an ayurvedic treatment. When he didn’t recover, friends advised that he be taken to a fever hospital.  There they consulted a pediatrician and had some tests done. Not satisfied with the results, they again consulted a private hospital in Narayanaguda. More tests were done therethat finally confirmed the diagnosis as blood cancer.

The doctorsfurther explained the course andexpenses(2 to 3 lakhs) involved with cancer treatment. As the family has no ration card or Aarogyasree card they were advised to take Tarun to Nilopher Hospital; from there the case was referred to MNJ Hospital.

When the family reached MNJ Cancer Hospital Pediatric Ward, the counselors there learntabout the family’s troubled home life and economic situation. Thankfully the MNJ management team came forward to help the family with blood products, nutrition services and transportation. Tarun’s doing better and feels comfortable staying in the ward. He does all his work without any help and remains active.

When Tarun’s family learnt that the had cancer they were extremely disturbed and disappointed. They were already dealing with many issues at home, including a mentally retarded child and an unstable and potentially abusive father. Tarun’s mother is the sole provider in the family and is unable to meet daily expenses, let alone hospital fees.

She leaves her children in the ward when she goes for work and is desperately struggling to support her family. She has lost all hope and cries as she asks why God has given her such a life.