The Story of Durga Suresh


Suresh is from East Godavari and has aone and a half year oldyounger sister. Seven months ago Suresh's mother moved back to their maternal grandparent's house where they stay together with his uncle's family.


Suresh was doing well for the past five years but one day he was suddenly unable to walk. They consulted a doctor at Kakinada Hospital and the usual investigations were done. A surgery was also done to remove the tumor on his backbone. When the final report came,the doctors recommended that Suresh be taken to Hyderabad, or Vizag, or at least Vijayawada. His parents took the initiative to bring the child to MNJ Hospital in Hyderabad where they consulted with Dr. Jayanthi who advised that Suresh be admitted. She clearly explained to the family about his Ewings Sarcoma condition. When they reached back home Suresh supposedly got bedsores and his mother contracted chicken pox.


Suresh's mother says that she's obsessed with her son. From her childhood until now she has never experienced any health problems. She got married to one of her relatives but could not build a good relationship with her new husband. Due to misunderstandings in the family, she left the husband. Even as a daily wage earner she fully supports her family. She says she's not worried about her daughter, but extremelyconcerned about her son.Even in her sleep she dreams only of her son. Her mother even questioned her about her attachment to Suresh.


Suresh's mother says: "As long as he's with me, I'll look after him. Even though he may not get better, I feel satisfied when I'm next to his bed. My son wanted to become a police officer and wanted his younger sister to become a doctor. I want to fulfill this wish."