The Story of Aadki Srinath


Srinath lives in Sholapur (Karnataka) and has one elder brother and two elder sisters. His father is an auto driver and his mother is a bidri worker. One sister is married and his elder brother is studying Intermediate. Srinath's father is taking care of him in the hospital so his mother and sister are working hard, both day and night, to earn enough money for the treatment. Srinath always feels that his family is struggling hard for his betterment. Even before reaching Hyderabad they spent nearly Rs. 50,000 for his treatment.


Srinath started his treatment for a fever and headache in a civil hospital in Sholapur, Karnataka. They referred him to Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. The parents refused to go to Mumbai and brought Srinath to Osmania Hospital in Hyderabad from where they were referred to MNJ Hospital. Srinath was admitted to this hospital and treatment was started. In the process, his condition became critical and he went into a coma. After going into the coma our counselors explained the situation to Srinath's parents and asked them to take him back home to Sholapur. Counselor Sunitha was on call to track Srinath's condition from afar. After four days he opened his eyes and started moving slowly from the bed. His parents informed the counselor about the condition, so she asked them to bring back the patient for further treatment. They came back after one month. After reaching here the bone marrow test was done and it was found that the AML condition has improved. He completed his full course of treatment and will come back in three months for a review.


The child has always feels that his parents blame him for something. They sometime think he's going to die so why waste money on his treatment. Srinath feels that only his mother is a bit supportive, she's also with him at the time of treatments. Srinath's father blames Srinath for having to waste so much of money on blood products and other treatments.


Srinath went back home with a full spirit to continue his studies. He's now in class 9 and wants to become a police office. He's working hard to achieve his goal.