The Story of Srikanth

Family History

Srikanth is from Kakinada and is studying in 6th class. He has an elder sister who is studying in 9th class. His father is a carpenter and his mother is a housewife. They had owned a home, but for the sake of treatment they sold their house and land. At present they are staying in their grandmother's house.

Medical History

Srikanth was suffering from a swelling in his cheek for one week. He was taken to different hospitals in Kakinada but no one was able to diagnose his illness. Later they removed water from his body and conducted some inconclusive tests. The doctors suggested he needed a bone marrow (transplant) due to his tumor and referred him to Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad. After the (transplant), Srikanth was referred to MNJ Hospital. After coming to MNJ Hospital, all the tests were redone and the diagnosis of Blood Cancer (ALL) was confirmed. Srikanth is now under treatment at MNJ Hospital and has finished two months of treatment.

Financial Issues

There are four people in Srikanth's family and his father is their only source of income. They've sold all their property for the sake of his treatment, nearly Rs. 1, 50,000. At present, Srikanth's grandmother is the family's only support.

Psychosocial Issues

Srikanth was very anxious about the treatments that he underwent in various hospitals in Kakinada. He had a feeling that he would die very soon and was unable to bear the pain during his treatments. After reaching MNJ Hospital, he gained some courage by seeing other children with cancer. Now he is very happy to be here for treatment and is confident that he'll be alright given that he continues with the treatment.

Srikanth's parents were in tears when they first learnt that Srikanth had blood cancer. They only brought him to MNJ Hospital as a trial, but after starting the treatment, they gained courage. They were also encouraged by MNJ's supportive social workers and hospital staff. As the parents saw the changes in Srikanth's health they grew happy and confident in their son's recovery.


Srikanth feels very now happy after completing two months of treatment at MNJ Hospital. He does all his work without anybody's help. He is active and moving forward with full confidence that he will get better soon.