The Story of Alvala Sonia


Sonia is from Adilabadand has one younger brother. Her father expired ina lightning storm and her mother works as a dhobi in a shop. Their family stays together with their grandmother.


In the beginning Sonia had swelling in her thigh so they administered some herbal remedies. Afterwards a tumor formed in the stomach (NHL) so they quickly took her to Gandhi Hospital. An operation was done, and after seeing the report she was referred to MNJ Hospital. There she wasput on a chemotherapy regimen, and within just one cycle of treatment the tumor began to shrink. IMPACT has helped Sonia with both transport and nutrition.


The only support for Sonia's mother was her brother, who in return was the only income earner for the whole family. He took care of his sister and his niece like a caring father. Sonia's mother wanted to send her children to an English-medium school, but due to financial constraints they are going to a government school.


Sonia studies well in the school. Despite the lack of financial support, she wants to work hard and become a doctor. Her family always remembers the good things in life like the love given to them by Dr. Sudha Sinha, and the service provided by the other staff members who take great carein looking after the patients and their families.