The Story of SK. Sameer Pasha


Sameer Pasha has an elder brother and an elder sister, both studying degree, and a younger sister in 8th class. Sameer is planning to study further after his completion of 10th class. His father is a businessman in Kadapa and his mother is a homemaker. His father has been working hard to pay for his treatment. In Kurnool they spent a huge amount, as much as 5 lakhs, and one time almost Rs. 80,000 for medicines alone. Sameer's family sold all their land and property for the sake of the treatment.


Sameer's blood count was very low and when he developed a fever he was taken to Kurnool Hospital. He was admitted for a period of ten days and then discharged. After just three days, the fever came back and he was taken to the hospital again where he was advised to have a BMA test. After the test results came back he was referred to MNJ. There they consulted the medical oncologist Dr. Sudha Sinha who admitted him to the male ward for ALL. Sameer and his family stayed for three months and then returned home. They continued the treatment by getting radiation and chemotherapy treatments for the next three months. Since then they have been coming for the past three years.


In the beginning Sameer suffered from the smell of death that surrounded him in the ward. He used to get repeated fevers and was unable to eat anything. He says that nobody bothers him till 12PM in the male ward, and that no one is there after the sisters leave. He informed Dr. Sudha who got himshifted to children's ward. Here the sisters care for him twenty-four ours a day, and help out whenever he's in need.He feels good here, just like at home. He also enjoys playing in the playroom.


He says that he wishes to study, finish his 10th class exams, and finally be an Air Force officer.