The Story of Revathi

Revathi is a twelve-year old girl from Guntur. She is the eldest daughter of Srinivas, a carpenter, and Sridevi, a homemaker. She also has a brother Venkatesh who is studying in third class.

Some time ago, her family found a lump near her ear. They had some tests and were told she had an infection. She was taken to Guntur Government Hospital where they waited for one week for the reports to come in. Later they took her to a private hospital where further tests were conducted leading to a diagnosis of TB.

For three months Revathi was treated with TB medicines. The doctors found no improvement, in fact the lump spread all over the neck. A biopsy was done, tests repeated and finally her condition was confirmed as cancer. After almost five months, Revathi came to MNJ and consulted Dr. Sudha Sinha.  The usual battery of tests were repeated again, the cancer was confirmed and treatment was started. Dr. Sinha explained the disease to Revathi’s parents who were disheartened thatGovernment Hospital at Guntur could not make the proper diagnosis.

Revathi’s mother was scared to come to the hospital alone, so she used to bring her mother along with her. Unfortunately Revathi’s father was reluctant to stay in the hospital with his family. Only when his daughter’s condition grew grave did he visit the hospital. Since then he’s never returned. Sadly, Sridevi is dealing with a drunkard husband who always complains about Revathi’s dreadful disease.

Thankfully, Revathi has completed twenty-one months of treatment and is now completely cured and happy. She is planning to resume her studies soon.