The Story of Ranganna

Ranganna is the youngest child in his family. He has one elder brother who’s studying in 1st class. Both his parents are coolie workers who earn about Rs. 100/day during rainy season and half that much during the summer. During the monsoon they labor in their village near Kurnool but inthe winter they shift to Guntur for the sake of work. When the season is over they return to their village.

In the beginning, Ranganna suffered from a fever, as well as swelling on one side of his face which later lead to paralysis of his face. His parents consulted doctors in Kurnool Government Hospital but they weren’t able to help him. Next they shifted to a different hospital in Kurnool, took out a large loan and spent nearly two lakhs in medical costs. Finally Ranganna was referred to NIMS Hospital, Hyderabad. The family stayed there for one week where a small surgery was performed on his head. Ranganna and his family also sought treatment at Sarojini Eye Hospital and L. V. Prasad Eye Hospital, but they were rejected everywhere due to Ranganna’s worsening condition. After one month they returned home.

Finally they confirmed that the child had cancer and were referred to MNJ Hospital. After admitting the child they left the hospital for a month due problems created by their relatives in their village. Upon returning to their village Ranganna’s condition became severe and the family decided to bring him back to MNJ child for treatment. He started the necessary treatment for blood cancer (AML). Ranganna responded well to the medicines.

Ranganna’s parents are suffering because their elder son is now also sick. Even after taking him to various hospitals the bleeding from his nose has not improved. When Ranganna was being treated for cancer, the family left his older brother with family members. Unfortunately all the relatives are coolie workers and unable to help him financially. Ranganna’s parents are in serious debt and fighting for the health of both their sons. His mother says there’s no happiness in life, and with tears in her eyes, asks why god has punished her family so much.