The Story of Ram Charan


Ram Charan is three years old and lives with his six year old brother and parents in Guntur. His father is a mechanic and owns a shop and his mother is a homemaker. For reasons unknown Ram Charan's father suddenly left the family.His mother waited for him for nearly three months but was unable to bring up the children alone so she shifted the family to her mother's place. Here Ram Charan's uncle was the only source of income but he supported his sister and children through this time. The transition took close to a year and in the meantime Ram Charan fell ill. For the sake of supporting her son's treatment Ram Charan's mother has stayed at the hospital for the pastthree months.


Four months ago Ram Charan got a fever and his mother gave him some medicines from a small clinic. Unfortunately the fever didn't come down so they took him to a government hospital in Guntur. All the usual tests were done and the family was told that some tablets were administered due to a low blood count.Unhappy with the allopathic treatment the family sought a folkremedy. After that Ram Charan started vomiting so they returned to the pediatrician who advised that the boy undergo a blood transfusion. They were again referred to the government hospital in Guntur. The child was readmitted for three days and all the tests were repeated. They then referred him to Nilofer Hospital in Hyderabad. As usual he was admitted and all the routine tests were done again over four days. After seeing the bone marrow report he was referred to MNJ Cancer Hospital. Here the doctors confirmed a diagnosis ofALL cancer and began treatment.


Ram Charan is three years old and very active. Understandably, he's moody when he has a fever, any physical discomforts or special treatments like a blood transfusion or IV medication. The rest of the time he wants to play and mingle with the other kid. Ram Charan's mother stays all alone in the hospital from morning to night. Her own mother and brother are busy taking care of Ram Charan's elder brother. Unfortunately, neither the husband nor any of his family members are supporting her. Rama Charan's mother was married when she was eleven years old. For ten years she lived a happy married life. It was only in the last year that her husband started drinking and beating her. One day he simply disappeared, leaving the family completely alone. After she shifted her family to her mother and brother's house, Ram Charan's father reappeared and said he would earn enough money to take his family back. He also found out that Ram Charan has cancer but even then he's not there to help them. As for Ram Charan'smother, she is smiling for the sake of the child, but inside she's shattered.


At present the child is progressing well even though he's only undergone thirty days of treatment. This is largely due to the fact that both Ram Charan and his mother are very cooperative with the staff.