The Story of Nandini

Nandini is the youngest child in her family and has an elder brother studying in seventh class. Her father is a lorry driver and her mother is a housewife.

Initially, Nandinichild had a fever and leg pains. After few days she developed a swelling in her stomach. She was taken to a local hospital, and then referred to Warangal. After that she was admitted to a hospital whereseveral testswere conducted, including an analysis of her bone marrow.  Upon seeing the report the doctors referred her to MNJ Cancer Hospital.

Nandini’s condition was critical when she finally reached MNJ. They consulted Dr. Sudha, who informed the family that Nandini’s situation was very serious, a possibility that she may not live much longer. After starting treatment, Nandini’s condition improved significantly but there were many ups and downs and she remained in the hospital for forty days.

After her discharge, Nandini’s family took her home but soon shedeveloped an infection in the eyes that forced them to return to MNJ for immediate consultation. [They took to sarojini (?) and continued the treatment in MNJ.] For six months Nandini was unable to walk. Her family stayed with her at MNJ and after six months of treatment Nandini was able to begin walking.

During this time, Nandini’s family was under greatstress and mental trauma. They could not work or pay for the hospital expenses and had to take out loans to meet their financial demands. They were encouraged as their daughter improved but soon enough her condition would grow serious again. They couldn’t imagine that their child would live for very long time but they put all their trust in MNJ and Dr.Sudha.

Now Nandini is in fifth class, studying well and inspiring everyone around her. She still comes to MNJ for regular visits.