The Story of Kusuma Nandini

Kusuma Nandini is the only child of a widowed mother, her father passed away when she was just nine months old. She and her mother are cared for by her maternal grandparents. Her grandfather has three more daughters and a son to take care of and has struggled to take care of his family. He is a daily-wage worker at a quary and has managed to take care of such a bug family with his meager earnings.

When Kusuma Nandini was a baby of just ten months, her mother felt a hard tumor on her baby’s stomach while giving her a bath. Shocked and afraid, the family immediately took her to Kurnool Hospital. The usual routine of tests wereconducting but the results were inconclusive and the doctors couldn’t make sense of the reports or prescribe a proper treatment.

For a second opinion the family went to Nandyal Hospital where situation was just the same and the doctors could diagnosis the ailment. From here Kusuma Nandini was referred to MNJ hospital where detailed tests and scans were conducted leading to a confirmed diagnosis of Hepatoblastoma. Kusuma Nandini soon underwent surgery. She calmly cooperated with the nursing staff, doctors and surgeons who treated her and responded extremely well for young baby under such intense trauma.

Kusuma Nandini is now four years old and very healthy. We are very proud to report that she has been cured fully. After undergoing many hurdles and health challenges as a baby, she has grown up to be an active, playful child.