The Story of Jyostna

Jyostna was just a year old when she developed a tumor behind her right ear. Initially her parents ignored it, but as the tumor started to grow they visited the local RMP. At the time Jyostna also had a high temperature due to an infection, so the RMP advised them to take the child to a private hospital. They went to Kodada Hospital where they stayed for ten days to conductroutine checkups. With no conclusive results, they were directed to Khammam Hospital where a biopsy was done and confirmed a diagnosis ofSpiral Cell Sarcoma. Next they weresent to MNJ in Hyderabad where all the tests were done once again.

Jyostna is an only child from a very poor family. Both her parents are daily-wage workers and they have no savings to speak of. There are not well educated and have had difficulties understanding the prognosis of Jyostna’s cancer. But as every caring parent, they are anxious and deeply concerned about the well being of their child.

Jyostna is now three years old and has been admitted for only twenty days. It is very early on in her treatment, making it difficult to predict an outcome, but she has been given top most priority at MNJ.