The Story of Hossana

Hosanna comes from a below-poverty level family in Prakasam District, AP. He lost his father nine years ago and the only family support he has is his mother and elder sister. None of his other relatives have come forward to help and his mother works as a daily labour and to take care of the family’s daily needs.

Hosanna had been suffering with a serious fever for three months when his mother took him to various government and private hospitals in their hometown, and eventually to Guntur Government Hospital.Hosanna’s fever persisted and his condition was getting progressively more serious day after day.

While staying in the Children’s Home Hostel, visiting foreigners came forward to help for Hosanna’streatment in a private hospital in Guntur. They spent Rs. 215,000 for the treatment and finally were able to confirm that Hosanna was sufferingfrom blood cancer and needed immediate treatment. They shifted him to Vijayawada and reconfirmed the diagnosis with a bone marrow test. Immediately they shifted him again to MNJ Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad. Here they consulted the doctor, conducted diagnostic tests and finally declared that Hosanna was suffering from blood cancer (AML). At MNJ he is currently receiving chemotherapy and other forms of cancer treatment…

There are only three members in Hosanna’s house and no one elseis aroundto support or help their family. Hosanna’s mother approached her in-laws for help but they ignored her at first and then accused her of lying about her son’s illness. She desperately needs money for her family’s survival and for Hosanna’s treatment. Due to her son’s intensive treatment she can not work all day. She sold their property and worries about her family’s future. And even though she knows that her son’s disease is incurable, she hasn’t stopped struggling to keep her family happy.