The Story of Dhanunjay

Dhanunjay is a 12 year-old boy suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common form of childhood cancer. He began cancer treatment at MNJ Hospital and initially showed positive signs of improvement, but unfortunately, as his condition improved, support from his familyrapidly decreased.

In the beginning, both of Dhanunjay’s parents used to accompany him to check-ups and month-long hospital visits, but for the last month his father has all but abandoned him, refusing to even visit him in the hospital. Dhanunjay’s mother has become his sole caretaker andhas been forced to enlist the help of her elderly parents. She is finding it hard to cope with the joint burden of managing the medical care of a sick childand running a household. She has another younger child back home and there is no one to take care of him. Dhanunjay will require continuous treatment and diligent care for at least three whole years. She doesn’t know how long she can continue this way or who she can turn to for help.

Situations like this are extremely common and highlight the need for hospitalsand cancer treatment programs to support families as well as patients. In Dhanunjay’s case, IMPACT provides transportation costs for both mother and son, along with supplemental funds for food, blood products and medicines when needed. Most importantly, our specialized CARE Team of counselors and volunteersprovide essential support to both mother and son bycreating a loving and supportive environment for healing.IMPACT’s mission is to alleviate Dhanunjay’s mother of all possible financial and social burdens so that she will continue to bring her son back for treatment. This gives the patient and their families the strength, hope and faith necessary for a successful recovery.