The Story of Cheluveri Chandu


Chandu is the only son of Rajendran and Rajitha. Both husband and wife are daily wage earners. They stay in a rented house in Warangal.


Chandu had a Germ Cell Tumor (GCT) near his pelvis and used to get frequent fevers. The family initially took him foran herbal treatment that included the burning of the tumor. Even after that the tumor continued growing in size. The wound finally burst and Chandu had a high fever. Next they took him to a nearby RMP doctor who suspected cancer after examining the child. They also recommended that Chandu should get a surgery. A biopsy was done and Chandu was sent to Hyderabad with the reports. From Zaffargadh they referred the child to Rainbow Hospital in Hyderabad.With the help of a relative they reached Hyderabad Rainbow Hospital, but the hospital authorities demanded a huge fee of ten lakhs to treat the child. They stayed for four days and paid Rs. 40,000, but the authorities were not satisfied and demanded more money from the parents to continue treatment. Finally some friends helped them come to MNJ where they consulted the MNJIORCC Medical Oncologist Dr. Sudha Sinha. She in return advised them to get admitted at Nilufer Hospital. Even then the child had a fever for twenty days, but they stayed back and took the treatment for nearly for 8 months. During these days Dr. Sudha Sinha helped the family in many ways, providing the family with nutritional food and helping them financially for their medical needs. The family says they are forever indebted to Dr. Sudha Sinha for the help she has given to them.


In order to pay for the treatment, Chandu's family sold their land that was worth Rs.2 lakhs for a meager amount of Rs. 50,000 and came to Hyderabad for the treatment. During the surgery they were also given the impression that Chandu may die. They were anxious and confused but were greatly comforted by the IMPACT team.


The family always remembers the kindness they received in this hospital. In return they tried to help the staff and doctor whenever they could.